My name is Melissa and I'm a glass designer in the humid, fragrant American South. I make glass jewelry from Bullseye fusible glass AND from used bottles I get from rummaging around my own recycle bin and those of my neighbors.


I can’t stop trying new techniques and that’s why my shop looks like 25 very different Melissas are at work here. (It’s a good thing that there is only one of me, though, because I work in a tiny tiny studio in my heavily wooded backyard.)


I fire all my glass in an electric ceramic kiln to at least 1500 degrees to melt it into a nice solid mass and then get out my diamond wet saw, diamond grinders and engravers to slice, carve and drill each piece individually.


The pieces are fired again in the kiln after grinding, but just until the outside of the glass starts to melt and that creates a great glossy surface.


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